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Shivay Hospital

It’s a home away from home- this is what can be said of Shivay hospital taking into consideration the care parameter. The mantra of a healthy and fit Deoghar goes a long way in making Shivay hospital the best and affordable one in Deoghar without compromising on the quality of its services. My new page


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Best Physician and Surgeon in Deoghar

Any hospital is judged by qualification and the experience level of its doctors. Shivay hospital has not left any stone unturned while employing the doctors (alumuni from renowned medical colleges)- who take the hospital a long way forward in realizing its goal in providing quality and affordable medical assistance to one and all in Deoghar. The shivay hospital has in its disposal the best physicians and surgeons in Deoghar.

Best Facilities of Shivay Hospital

General ward facility, ac and non- ac rooms are available at the Shivay hospital where utter cleanliness, best quality medical equipments enriched with the ever caring doctors and staffs makes it a homely experience for the patients. The search for the best endoscopy facility in Deoghar often leads to the Shivay hospital. Round the clock doctors, trained paramedical staffs, nurses, technologically advanced pathology labs, digital X-ray facility and 24 hour ambulance services serves a great way in our endeavour in making Shivay hospital the best medical facility not only in Deoghar but in the adjacent districts of Santhal Parganas.